Server & Telecom Rack Physical Security

Server & Telecom Rack Physical Security is no longer a hope; its a promise fulfilled with RackGuardian.  Existing card and biometric access systems for racks have security flaws that can be exploited to gain entry by spoofing your identity.  This means that rack access systems that were purchased to make a server or telecom rack more secure can fail to live up to their stated purpose.  RackGuardian changes all of that with its unique iOS access management technology.

RackGuardian Integrates With ANY Card Access System and Eliminates Vulnerabilities.

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) noted several key flaws in card access systems used to protect server rooms, network closets and the racks within them.  The flaws in existing card access technology include:

Remotely Sniffing Access Card Credentials:

“A sniffer is a receiver that does not supply power to the smart card. A sniffer can operate at greater distance than a skimmer (sniffing at a distance of about 10 m has been reported), because a legitimate reader powers the PIV Card at the nominal distance of a few centimeters, while the sniffer’s RF receiver is farther away. Potentially, a sniffer could capture the entire message transaction between the contactless reader and the PIV Card.

…Shielding techniques that deactivate a PIV Card when not in use cannot mitigate the risk of sniffing, because a PIV Card must be activated to perform a legitimate authentication transaction.” – NIST Report on Access Card Vulnerabilities

RackGuardian’s unique iPhone App confirms each access attempt into your rack.  This verifies that you are the person who has actually attempted to open that rack.  No other system on the market can match this feature.

Spoofing Biometric Access Fingerprints:

A number of studies have shown that the biometric fingerprint of an individual can be copied by simply placing a piece of tape over a biometric fingerprint reader and then lifting the tape off the surface. This gives you a near perfect imprint of the fingerprint from which a spoofed finger can be made of plastic or rubber material.

General Flaws that Apply to both Card and Biometric Access Systems

Every access reader, by convention has a 3-wire cable that connects to the card access control panel as shown in the figure below. If the control panel sees a code that is stored in its memory being sent from the card reader, it sends an output to a door open/close relay to open that door.

RackGuardian’s encrypted communications transfer information from point to point via the strongest encryption available.  In addition, by using iOS mobile authentication, you confirm that any biometric access attempt is, in fact, the person who they claim to be. Only RackGuardian can give you these powerful features.

Here is a typical Server/Telecom Rack with The Access Card Lock and RackGuardian:

Server Rack Access Management