Server & Telecom Rack Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is traditionally thought of a protecting against a frontal attack on a server.  That though is quickly evolving as perimeter firewalls become better in their capabilities.  Cyber attacks now focus on using backdoors to gain access to servers and using peripheral devices to launch Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks on a network.

The perfect back doors are devices that use SNMP to communicate as they can be used to pivot to an SNMP port on a server.  Classic examples are rack PDU’s and UPS’s that use SNMP to communicate

High-value DDoS targets include devices that are present in large numbers and communicate with ubiquitous protocols.   Again, rack PDU’s and UPS’s are perfect targets

In order to carry out a data theft of cyber attack, a cyber criminal needs to target an entry point into a network.  SNMP ports are often exposed to the outside world and rack PDU’s are among the most prevalent devices with their SNMP ports exposed.  This makes the prime targets both as backdoors to your servers and as DDoS attack launch points.

There are thousands of Rack Power Distribution Units on the Internet with open SNMP ports.  Adversaries have evolved and often use open ports such as SNMP to amplify an attack. – USENIX

According to a White Paper paper by Dr. Patrick Traynor from Georgia Tech, here is a list of just a few of the things that a cyber criminal could accomplish by taking over a PDU or UPS via its SNMP port:

Attack Options/Results from Locally or Remotely Controlled UPS/PDU
DeviceAttack OptionsResult
PDUModify voltage/current, low/high power thresholdDoS/physical damage
UPSModify voltage/current, power thresholds, power cyclingDoS/physical damage

How RackGuardian Solves These Problems

The RackGuardian Firewall unit attaches to the Ethernet port on your UPS and PDU via its secure, private network port. This immediately separates your UPS and PDU from network attacks while it continuously monitors all of the operating parameters of each unit. ANY attempt to reach your unit through the firewall or any statistically significant change to an operating parameter will immediately be sent to the RackGuardian iOS Mobile App to let you know what is happening with your power systems. There is no more secure method to manage your power systems on the market today.