Server and Telecom Rack Cybersecurity Compliance

Welcome back! We continue this month on the 3 keys for Server and Telecom Rack Security Compliance.  This month’s blog is: Server and Telecom Rack Cyberecurity Compliance. To begin with, whether you remotely host your servers offsite or you have your own data center(s), you need to have the ability to remotely manage the systems in your racks. These systems include the following groups of items:

Processing and Storage
Networking Systems
Power, Environment and Security

All of these systems need to be managed remotely at some point. Each of these systems is typically managed by SNMP from a central console system. Sadly, as this peer-reviewed paper demonstrates, even the supposedly secure SNMPv3 is full of vulnerabilities. That is, both can be taken-over by unauthorized individuals or groups and the results are devastating. As this peer-reviewed paper from Georgia Tech shows, its amazingly east to hack SNMPv3 because of flaws that are inherent in the protocol.  The bottom line is that, while you need to remotely manage your systems to keep them working, the very process of remote management can expose your data to cyber criminals. The question then becomes: What can SNMP exploits do to my data?  The answer can be seen in the chart below:

Server and Telecom Rack Security Compliance

As you can see, it is mainly the power environmental and security systems that are at risk.  Processing/Storage and Networking systems are typically open to ports 80 and 443 and are normally guarded by the perimeter firewall and often by a locally resident firewall.  However, Power Environment and Security systems are normally not protected or, if they are protected, such protection often fails to inspect the SNMP packets being sent to and from these systems. The simple fact is, as Table 1 from the Georgia Tech paper demonstrates, its easy to enter SNMP-enabled systems and change settings in ways that can destroy data stored in the servers and storage systems to which these systems are attached. As the Table also shows, its possible to launch Denial of Service (DoS) attacks through several of these systems, effectively shutting down that network segment and access to its data.


Your Data Racks, you need to protect your rack infrastructure. AlphaGuardian’s RackGuardian system is the only system on the market that is uniquely focused on protecting your data by protecting the security of your rack infrastructure. Power systems such as Rack PDU’s and UPS’s, cooling systems such as In-Rack Cooling, and security systems rely on SNMP. Our RackGuardian unit attaches to these systems and locks out ANY attempt to communicate with them.  At the same time, it securely gathers all the information that you need about your power, environment and security via its secure private network port. All information is then sent via an encrypted, push communication to a certificate-based data server. The result is you get all the information that you need for remote rack management while keeping all of your systems – and your data – completely safe.

Please think about this for a bit and let us know how we can help you.

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