RackGuardian – Server & Telecom Rack Security Compliance

RackGuardian: Security Compliant Rack Monitoring and Protection

RackGuardian provides comprehensive Server & Telecom Rack Security Compliance.  It is unmatched in its protection protection and reporting capabilities for the 3 key elements of rack security:

Physical Access Security: Card or Biometric Access System Reader

Cybersecurity: for all your SNMP Management Communications

Operational Security: for UPS/PDU/Rectifier systems and Cooling/Fan Control Systems


Physical Access Security

RackGuardian’s Access Control functions provide complete physical control over your rack systems.  It works in-tandem with electronic door locks from EMKA, the world leader in rack locking systems as well as other Wiegand-based rack door locks.  RackGuardian attaches to the Wiegand output of the electronic door lock and manages all aspects of the Physical Network Security for your rack.  This includes:

  • Manages & Logs Each Entrance Attempt
  • Encrypted Authentication for Rack Entry via iPhone App
  • Sensing Door Ajar/fail-to-close Alarms

The iPhone Mobile App allows you to securely manage your physical access to your network and telecom racks from any location.  Should there be a need to provide authentication without the iPhone App, we also provide authentication via a secure computer connection as well.  For the first time, you will have the ability to securely control the physical access to your racks from any location.


Data and Telecom Rack Security must include cybersecurity as well as physical network security and RackGuardian delivers like no other product.  It provides encrypted communications for any SNMP system within your rack.  RackGuardian’s secure, private port attaches to the Ethernet Port (SNMP) of your rack systems and protects all of the following:

  • Secure Rack PDU Management
  • Secure Reboot of Servers & Network Equipment
  • Secure Rack UPS Management

RackGuardian sends the information that it gathers via secure, encrypted communications to the AlphaGuardian Secure Cloud Server.  All information sent from the Secure Cloud to your iOS device or to your browser is fully encrypted as well.  This insures that, once plugged into RackGuardian, no unauthorized individual can gain access to your power, environmental or other infrastructure systems.

Operational Security

RackGuardian also monitors every system that it protects and it does so with an on-board analytics engine that is like no other system in the world.   As it gathers data from these systems, it learns the normal operations parameters of each system, regardless of the type of equipment that it may be.  RackGuardian’s on-board analytics ensure the following:

  • Advanced Warning of any Statistically Significant Events
  • Instant Mobile Delivery of Critical Events
  • No More Nuisance Alarms

Only statistically significant events will become alarms so, you will never again be plagued by nuisance alarms.  All information gathered by RackGuardian is sent to the AlphaGuardian Secure Cloud Server.  The Secure Cloud Server links to your browser via HTTPS, the same security level as your browser uses for online banking transactions.  The browser-view provides a full analytics dashboard of all your rack conditions, whether you have a single critical rack or hundreds of them.  Because of its analytic capabilities, RackGuardian even calculates the best heat profile for your server and network equipment to minimize in-rack heat recirculation and insure the best placement within the rack.  Failure rates for hard drives and memory are directly related to heat and location placement within a rack.  Energy costs to cool your rack equipment are also largely driven by the heat recirculation from hot servers and equipment.   This can greatly lower your hard drive and memory failure rates and lower rack cooling energy costs.  This feature alone can pay back the cost of the RackGuardian unit in less than 2 years.

Secure Mobile Rack Management

When an alarm is discovered by RackGuardian’s onboard alarm analytics, it will immediately send you a snapshot of the situation direct to your iOS device within seconds.  Multiple failover options ensure that you will receive the alarm in virtually any location in the world.  The system’s duplication filtration features provides a single start and a single stop notification for each alarm event, meaning you will never be flooded with alarms.  After an alarm has begun, you can follow its  status live via the iOS APP to keep information of events in real time.  No other system can provide the Comprehensive Data and Telecom Rack Security capabilities of RackGuardian.

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