RackGuardian Secure Cloud App


The AlphaGuardian Secure Cloud App acts as the “Point Man” for all of your RackGuardian units regardless of their location.  The AlphaGuardian Cloud App is was built from the ground-up with security in mind.  All information from each RackGuardian travels to the Cloud App encrypted at 2048 bits, the highest encryption available.  In addition, when you connect to the cloud with your browser, all information is guarded via HTTPS encryption, the same encryption used when you log onto your bank’s web site.

RackGuardian Rack Security


The AlphaGuardian Cloud App employs patented analytics to be able to spot trouble long before it occurs but also to avoid nuisance alarms.  Only the AlphaGuardian Cloud delivers these features because of its patented Alarm Analytics features. Our alarm analytics constantly learn the normal operating parameters of the power, environment and network conditions of each RackGuardian unit.  With this information, statistically significant high and low alarm points are automatically set by the system.  This ensures that you will no longer have to worry about being flooded with nuisance alarms.  At the same time, you can be assured that any alarm you do receive will be a statistically significant event that is in the offing.

AlphaGuardian Server displaying RackGuardian's Self-Learning Analytics

Security Analytics Dashboard


The AlphaGuardian Cloud delivers  any alarms directly to your Apple iOS device within split seconds.  The Cloud App is fully integrated with the iOS message delivery system which ensures that any statistically significant event will be delivered to your iOS device instantaneously.  In addition, all alarm messages are fully encrypted to ensure that only you and those whom you have authorized are able to view your critical alarm messages.  This secure and immediate alarm delivery of only statistically significant events eliminates the flood of nuisance alarms and gives you the assurance that any alarm message you receive is worthy of your time.

RackGuardian Mobile AppRackGuardian Mobile App