Comprehensive Server & Telecom Rack Protection

Greetings and welcome to our blog.  In this installment, we are going to look at how you can provide Comprehensive Server & Telecom Rack Protection for your systems.  To begin with, let’s define what we mean by “comprehensive protection”.  We define this as:

Protecting the entire rack contents from environmental, physical security and cybersecurity vulnerabilities.

In today’s blog, we are going to take a look at the first area of needed protection for your racks: environmental protection.  Rack monitoring products are nearly as old as server and telecom racks themselves.  Normally, these systems provide the ability to monitor the temperature and humidity of your rack and some also offer the ability to monitor the power being distributed in your rack by your PDU’s.  These are all good things but, as the systems that you place in your racks become increasingly critical and expensive to own and operate, basic environmental information is of limited value to actually help you operate your rack-based systems in the most secure and efficient manner.  Let’s look at the kind of environmental information that can truly help you maximize your system’s reliability and operation.

  • Rack Energy Efficiency – Two years ago, the Department of Energy released and excellent study on small server and telecom room energy use. Among the findings in this study were that:
    • The Power Usage Efficiency (PUE) of small server rooms was measured at over 2.0 on several sites and the average was 1.85.
    • The wasted energy accounts for thousands of dollars in wasted cooling energy for every server room per year.
    • The inefficient cooling of server rooms and resultant hot spots leads to equipment failures and other reliability problems
  • Rack Backup Power Availability – Battery monitoring products have become almost standard for large data centers because users know that the failure of a UPS battery can have catastrophic consequences.  However, the smaller UPS units that protect server and telecom rooms have very minimal software capabilities to manage the backup battery.  Its a fair question to ask: If you purchase a UPS, how much battery time does it have at the present time?  Very few software products give you an accurate look at that number and that creates a huge problem for the servers that you are trying to protect with the UPS.
  • Rack Environmental Hazard Protection – Leak detection systems, like battery monitors, are common and nearly standard at all data centers.  But again, they seldom are used in small server or telecom rooms.  That is a huge problem because the fact is, whereas racks in data centers have very little chance of having water touch them directly, server rooms and telecom closets are often located with in close proximity to water and drain pipes within a commercial office.  This makes the possibility of water-related system and data loss a very real possibility.

We are pleased to say that our patented RackGuardian product is the only one on the market that can truly solve each of these problems.  To begin with, our patented energy management functions will actually tell you where to best place the servers and equipment in your racks to allow for the least airflow resistance and therefore, the most efficient and reliable cooling.  We have proven that this results in lowered cooling costs for your server and telecom rack sufficient to pay for the RackGuardian in less than 2 years.

In addition, another patented features of our RackGuardian is its ability to manage battery conditions for even the smallest UPS unit.  Our proprietary technology will allow you to know when your UPS batteries are becoming weak.  Every UPS battery will eventually fail, just as your car battery fails.  Its just a matter of when.  RackGuardian’s ability to spot weakness early in the battery process will allow you to replace your batteries and keep your UPS operating in a manner in which you expect.

Lastly, the RackGuardian offers the Flexi-Pad liquid sensor that is built just for data cabinets.  Traditionally, leak detection has been done by cables which simply do not work in a data rack environment.  The Flexi-Pad is a leak detection sheet that simply fits underneath your servers or on top of your servers.  Our on-board analytics have the ability to communicate with the Flexi-Pad to spot any sign of a liquid at its earliest point.

Best yet, RackGuardian’s on-board analytics virtually eliminate false alarms while it ensures that every real alarm will reach you instantly.  AlphGuardian’s patented iOS App can put a system alarm onto your phone in less than 2 seconds and its acknowledgment features insures that you have received the alarm.  We ask that you would think about these powerful features in conjunction with your server or telecom racks and give us a call to let us show you how we can protect your systems and pay back your investment quickly.

Until next time,

Be Well!